WOOHOO! You're coming to Fall Retreat! #BestWeekendEver
Let's do it
First of all, what's your first name? *

Thanks, {{answer_GK1SiMDDmRHN}}! You're doing great so far. And your last name? *

"{{answer_GK1SiMDDmRHN}} {{answer_iT2WOwt3G0Wh}}". It has a nice ring to it. Now, what's the name of your dorm or apartment address? *

Gotcha. And what's your Phone #? *

What year are you? *

Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies? Write them here. Skip if not.

OK great. You're absolutely crushing it, {{answer_GK1SiMDDmRHN}} Last question, can you drive? If so, let us know how many people you can take. If not, skip on to the end.

Awesome! Thanks, {{answer_GK1SiMDDmRHN}}! You can pay via Paypal online or bring cash/check to the retreat.

To pay online, visit vtiv.org then click "GIVE" and pay your amount to the Chapter. ($50 for freshmen, $75 for upperclassmen.)

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